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    Resort Tree Fern is located in a village known as Lolaygaon (Kaffer) with natural beauty in rural tranquility. Guest staying in this resort have a choice of comfort with commanding views of Mount Kanchenjunga and valleys from all the cottages.

    Lolaygaon tourism is a concept totally based on village and Eco-Tourism. This place is the best for those who love nature, study the life style of local hill village people and their cultures. This is the best resort at Lolaygaon to take a complete break for few days from the busy city life. Beside this, the most important part is that one can keep away from the air, noise pollution of the city, town, industries and human dense at least for a few days.

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    Lolaygaon is situated in a height of 5600 ft (1700 meters) under Kalimpong Sub-Division of Darjeeling District, West Bengal State (India). The surrounding villages are habited by local people mostly Gorkha Tribes. The source of income of the local people is agriculture mainly big cardamom, live stock farming etc. The life of hill people is very hard. This place is rich for flora and fauna. There are variety of wild orchids and ferns. One of the varietes of fern is tree - fern which is rare species and found hugely in the area. So the resort is names as " RESORT TREE - FERN'.

Place of interest and sight seeing:-

   * JHANDIDARA : 4 KM away from Resort Tree - Fern. From here wonderful views of the sunrise and the reflection of it on Mount Kanchenjunga on the north can be seen.

   * CANOPY WALK (Hanging Bridge): Walkable distance from the Resort. This unique canopy walk (Hanging Bridge) inside the HERITAGE forest will be a thrilling experience to the visitors. The canopy walk is created by human being, but the Heritage forest where the the canopy walk is installed is the rarest of rare.

    * NATURE PARK: In a walk able distance. There is a natrue park inside the forest just nearby Lolaygaon Motor Stand.

    * SUNSET POINT: There is one sunset point. After traveling in a vehicle for 10 minutes up to zero point and about 15 minutes climb up (on foot) or can be walked the entire journey in 30 minutes a panoramic view of setting sun can be seen. Those who are not interested or unable to go to the sunset point, a view of sunset can be viewed from the cottage itself.

   * OTHER PLACES OF INTEREST: Those who love walking/ Trekking they can move around by walking or trekking in the village footpath. But this is not advisable during rainy season because of leech in the surrounding jungle and footpath.

                One can also enjoy the glittering lights of Kalimpong town and its surroundings from each cottage at night. If the weather is clear the entire range of Kanchanjunga can be viewed whole day and night.
                   Lolaygaon is also popular for nature exploration and bird watching in Jhandidara area.                        

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